Take an intimate journey into the lands where all of Uwe’s talents and expertise converge: in Uwesthan. 

A playful, mystical and sophisticated bard, Uwe will roll out the flying carpet for an extraordinary moment where music meets narration.

At the service of the celebration, his countless adventures and many exotic instruments will resonate the common cord of our humanity found in the depths of our inner world. This mesmerizing performance with engaging dialog with the audience will leave you thinking you went travelling to far off lands.

Along on this carpet ride is the ektara: a one stringed instrument known for inducing trance, the magical and captivating sansa, as well as the twenty stringed sitar to which Uwe has dedicated the last thirty years of his life.

Inspired by your questions, suggestions, or simply your presence, Uwe will weave story with melody to amplify the authenticity of the moment.

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Parution: 2022

When I Wake Up

Parution: 2020