Uwe Neumann

Musician, composer and music teacher

With a captivating sound and years of transcultural research, Uwe brings to you a new perspective on music.

Uwe, a Montreal based sitar player, invites you to experience a rich musical odyssey through lands of mystery and depth through weaving a bold groove with refined melodies and lived lyrics, all the while gracefully dancing between moods of meditation, joy and imagination.

He has four unique projects to offer: solo, as duo or with other professional musicians from different spheres of the musical world. Each project offers a depth of experience through collaboration and intricate improvisation, and with their rich presence creating an ambiance of awe-inspiring beauty.


As either a trio, or quintet, Uwe and friends use a unique orchestration of instruments including sitar, tabla, guitar, sansa, bass, and clarinet: together blending traditional with contemporary to create an impressive Indian/jazz fusion style music.

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Lyrical sitar accompanied by masterful tabla come together to form this duo. Sitaria offers listeners a journey through space and time, which begins at the roots of the ageless tradition of Indian classical music.

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Dreamtree project

With expressive and encapturing melodic lines over energetic waves of layered beats, Dreamtree, consisting of Uwe and renowned electronic music composer Adham Shaikh, will have you ecstatic and enthralled on the dance floor.

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Solo and as the quintessence of his musical journey, Uwe invites you with his hybrid instruments into an intimate experience where music and stories unfold in the moment. Let yourself be enchanted by this sophisticated troubadour.

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House concerts

U-we is coming to your town’s or village’s yoga studio or your living room if you text here. (Quebec and Ontario)

Either an Indian classical concert (sitar and tabla) or Fusion as Ragleela trio or all alone a show of Uwesthan with his instruments, life stories and his excellent sound system.

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Classes offered

If you would like to learn to play sitar or upgrade your vocal expression with Indian style vocal classes or want to get inspired with a new outlook on modal music on your fretless instrument, please text or call Uwe to discuss individual classes in Montreal or the Laurentiens.