Dreamtree project

The Dreamtree Project is the Indian dub fusion project of ethno electronic master Adham Shaikh and Sitar virtuoso Uwe Neumann

This dynamic duo weaves a magic carpet ride of Classical Indian raga afloat a dub cloud of swirling tabla, mystical flutes, spacey beats and booming basslines. Beyond notions of East meets West, Dreamtree creates a powerful audio and visual environment for dancers and listeners alike.

Adham Shaikh has over the years had the pleasure to work with many talented musicians on stage and in the studio. Recording a wide variety of world instrumentation, he has woven the sounds of India, Bali, Australia, Africa, Jamaica, the Middle East, Slovakia, Scandinavia, Turkey and North America into all aspects of his production.

Uwe and Adham had their first musical meeting on stage of OM-Festival 1999 in Ontario and have moved listeners and dancers deeply at many festivals, notably Shambala, Artswells, Vancouver Folk Festival, Harvest Festival (Ontario) and Eclipse (Quebec)

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Parution: 2022

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Parution: 2007