Teaching Indian classical music since the year 2000 in Montreal privately and as lecturer at University of Montreal and Concordia university makes Uwe a seasoned music teacher. Uwe has also 15 years of experience of teaching classical guitar in Germany and India before the year 2000.
Have a look at Uwe’s lecture-demonstration-discussion organized by the Kabir cultural centre or hear his students witnessing in the video ‘Men of Music’ by Amerimage-Spectra to get a feel of authenticity and depth of his understanding and teaching.
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Classical Indian Sitar Course with Uwe Neumann

Uwe Neumann studied Sitar, Indian classical singing and tabla at the University of Shantiniketan, located in the state of Bengal, India. He holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Music. For more than ten consecutive years, Uwe perfected his knowledge of the Sitar under the tutelage of his teacher Pandit Indranil Bhattacharya, in Shantiniketan, north of Calcutta. He has also given numerous concerts in India, Canada and Europe as well as on Indian television Doordarshan and taught as a lecturer at the universities of Montreal and Concordia.

  • Structured and comprehensive courses for all levels:
  • Technique and dexterity
  • Depth of melodic expression
  • Training of the voice
  • Rhythmic variation (Tabla)
  • Melodic and rhythmic improvisation
  • Explanation of Indian history and culture
  • Repair and maintenance of the instrument
  • Also for Sarod, Esraj and Indian violin